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Raincoast Wisdom

Insight into the Magical world of Art. Kombucha is a raw, probiotic, fermented, and naturally effervescent tea that has been brewed by ancient & modern civilizations for its many health restoring properties & benefits.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a raw, probiotic, fermented, and naturally effervescent tea that has been brewed by ancient & modern civilizations for its many health restoring properties & benefits. It is made by fermenting sugar-sweetened tea with a symbiotic colony of beneficial bacteria and yeast, thus creating a deliciously nourishing elixir of vitality. Kombucha has been shown to naturally contain:

~ Probiotics
~ Polyphenols
~ Organic enzymes
~ Vital amino acids
~ Gluconic acid
~ B & C Vitamins
~ Minerals

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Hippocrates

What are the benefits of drinking Kombucha?

• Boosts Energy
• Improves Digestion
• Great source of Probiotics
• Strengthens at a Cellular level
• Prevents Acid Reflux
• Assists with Weight Loss
• Improves Sleep
• Relieves Constipation
• Strengthens and restores hair
• Beautifies the skin
• Improves Circulation
• Removes toxicity from the body
• Ease the pain of arthritis
• Aids in the healing of many dis-eases (arthritis, asthma, cancer, MS, stomach and bowel disorders, etc)\

Kombucha has been imbibed for thousands of years for its ability to stimulate the metabolism, maintain a healthy immune system, increase the effectiveness of natural detoxification processes and replenish vital organic acids and enzymes required by the body for optimal health. Kombucha helps return the body to a state of balance where it can heal itself.

Is Raincoast Kombucha Organic?
Although Raincoast Kombucha is not certified organic we only source pure, ethical ingredients that support not only healthy bodies but the Earth as well. This means we select ingredients that are Certified Organic, grown Organically, Locally or Wildcrafted. Unfortunately there are even loopholes in the word Organic these days.

Is Raincoast Kombucha raw?
We would never dream of crafting anything but a vibrantly delicious living elixir packed with nourishing probiotics and enzymes. Although the tea is steeped at specific temperatures, the living cultures metabolize the previously heated tea and create what is considered 100% raw Kombucha.

Does Kombucha contain alcohol?
Kombucha does contain a very small amount of alcohol due to the process of fermentation that takes place. The amounts present are less that 0.5%, much like ripe fruit or unpasteurized fruit juice would have. The fermentation of Kombucha is a complex dance that is woven by the beneficial bacteria and yeast that make up this symbiotic colony. The yeasts consume the sugar converting it into alcohol. The bacteria then feed on the alcohol transforming it into the organic acids that give Kombucha its sour taste.

How long will Kombucha last?
Although there is no specific expiry date for Kombucha we say about 6 months. Kombucha has a very low PH and is quite similar to apple cider vinegar; this protects it from pathogens and spoilage. Once Kombucha has been opened it should remain carbonated long enough to enjoy. However if you desire a stronger flavor and more effervescent brew, simply leave your Kombucha sealed and at room temperature overnight. The living organisms that make up Kombucha become almost dormant when refrigerated, but when left at room temperature they become active once again and begin creating more bubbles.

Why does Kombucha need to be refrigerated?
Although Kombucha does not contain any perishable ingredients like fruit or dairy, it does contain living bacteria and yeasts that will continue to ferment if left at room temperature. This could result in an over-fermented Kombucha that tastes differently than we intended and may cascade into more places than your glass!

What are "crystal essences"?
Crystal Essence means that we have placed a specific Crystal listed in the ingredients in the tanks with the Kombucha, thus creating a Crystal Elixir in the Kombucha. What is a Crystal Elixir You may ask? A Crystal Elixir is a unique Vibratory energy pattern of a crystal that has been imprinted into the auric and biophysical energy matrix of water, or in this case, Kombucha. While the science of these transfers is yet to be fully understood until the science of quantum physics is matured, the efficacy of crystal elixirs has been accepted by cultures for thousands of years. The ancient Chinese used elixirs of jade, cinnabar, and hematite for longevity. The famous text "Tan Chin Yao Ch'eh" from about 600 AD discusses the creation of elixirs from mercury, sulfur, and precious stones. The oldest Indian texts speak of elixirs. Vedic texts dating back as far as 3000 BC speak to their use. In ancient Greece and medieval Europe, powdered gemstones were used to treat a host of ailments. Even today, mineral salts, tinctures, and vitamin compounds assure modern man benefits from the Earth's bounty of healing energy found in the mineral kingdom."